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Diva Cup vs. trial BlueCup

I've had some interesting revelations lately regarding my vagina (could be a bit TMI), and thought you would enjoy hearing them, as well as a bit of brand comparison.

I purchased a Divacup (size 1) about eight months ago and have been pretty satisfied with it. I have never had any problems with insertion or getting it to pop open, and can easily get my finger in alongside it to "swirl" it.  The only problem I've encountered is that I apparently have a short vagina, and the Diva has always been too long. As per the recommendations here, I flipped it inside out, and while it still sticks out of me it's not really uncomfortable. I have considered getting another shorter cup and when I saw the trial Ladycup offfer, I got a small bluecup. I've used it for about a week and a half now (waiting for my period to come, and for my period) and it hasn't split yet. However, it appears that the diameter is just too small for me. While having a bowel movement a few days ago, it POPPED OUT of me into the toilet. I was really suprised, as this had always been a concern for me while using the Divacup, but had never actually happened. After fishing it out and cleaning it up, I reinserted it and went on with my day. I figured it was just a fluke, until the same thing happened to me AGAIN this afternoon. The first time, I kind of felt it when it when it happened, but this time, I didn't even know it had fallen out until I went to take it out to empty it and it WASN'T THERE. I pictured my vagina as a waterslide, with my cup sliding happily out of me into the toilet.

So, I really like the length of the Bluecup, the softness as compared to the Diva (thought it does make a bit more slippery and difficult to remove), and the huge, easy to clean holes. I'll probably continue to use it along with the Diva, depending on the day. I guess my vagina is just short and squat, which is not something that seems to be a problem with most people here, but maybe some of you can relate : )
Tags: bowel movements, brand comparisons, coloured lady cups, divacup, lady cup
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