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Dry Diva Run

After much reading here, I decided to order a Diva Cup, a Femmecup, Lady Cup and a Lunette.  I ordered these last week, and recieved my Diva Cup in three days from, through DAB Nutrition.  I gave it a dry run today.  Things went beautifuly.  I actually had not planned to order a Diva because of the size issue.  My uterus sets quite low I believe when I am menstruating.  On my last period I put my finger in to get a rough measurement.  My middle knuckle was just inside my vagina when my index finger touched my cervix.  My index finger measures about half an inch from tip to middle knuckle, which is less than 40mm, and the Diva measures in at 57mm.  And Tampax tampons used to creep out my vagina when they would expand, so I had to switch to Playtex or o.b.  However on the dry run, the Diva feels just fine.  I noticed it is a hard cup.  I ordered the bigger of all the cups because I am almost 30.  I haven't had sex in about three years though, and the Diva does feel like it's stretching me out when I remove it.  It was a little bit difficult and pointy to put in, but no big deal.  Though for a few minutes after my vag felt like it finally got rode hard and put away wet.  I also don't see how it's going to be possible to remove it without it spilling.  I simply can't fit my finger in far enough around the cup to even feel the rim, let alone break the seal up there.  Not a big deal though.  With practice I think I can break the seal slowly just before it gets to the outside of me.  I'm going to just add some small, travel size wipes to my purse one week a month for when I'm out in the woods.  Or if I have to change it in a public restroom on a trip and don't want red fingers.  I'm eager to try the other cups to see if they will be more comfortable to remove.  Keep ya posted as they arrive!
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