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Weird trial cup story. And moral question.

So a while ago I decided to get one of the trial LadyCups for one of my friends, who had tried the Keeper even before I had ever heard about it but decided that nothing so big and rigid would go in her vagina (I think she has penetrative sex, don't ask me... I didn't want to argue that way).
So a trial LilacCup was purchased, I put it in her mailbox and she got very excited - until she did a trial run and the thing split promptly after she had worn it for about ten minutes and was trying to take it out. So, yay, it worked for her! But of course she would have to buy a new one if she wanted to actually become a cup user. I offered to email LadyCup and ask them to replace it, since one use was guaranteed and it had *almost* not been used, but she considered it tried out and approved.

Me being me, and in the hope of also getting to try out the LadyCup even though they had run out of trial cups at that point (I'm a happy MooncupUS user, but of course curious), I emailed the company anyway and asked them to replace my trial cup because it split before I even used it once. A bit sketchy, but oh well, I was expecting to get another fast-splitting item...

Today I got home and found a package from the Czech Republic. Lo and behold, it contained not only a purple cup, but also the full package with cotton baggie and instructions. No coupon for discount. The color is a lot darker than the trial cup's had been. Looks like after my somewhat questionable reclamation LadyCup actually sent me a *real* LilacCup, that might not split!

But now what to do? I feel a bit bad for tricking them into sending a functional cup for replacing a 5-dollar one - after all, the menstrual cup manufacturers are almost our friends. Did this happen to anyone else who requested a trial replacement (I know there are some people on here who mailed the company after their cups split before even one insertion)? And I don't know if I should keep it, for the sake of trying it out, or give it to my friend, who asked me to *not* request a replacement from the company. Could I tell her the story? Do you think it'd be okay to ask her to pay me some small amount of money for this intact cup, since she will save over twenty USD compared to ordering a proper new one?

Ah, what difficult moral considerations!
(and man, that deep purple is really pretty :D )
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