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BlueCup LadyCup

I just joined this community after months of following the posts. I finally decided to buy a small blue LadyCup due to the size (I'm a 17-year-old virgin) and then ran across some posts mentioning splitting in the silicone. I bought mine from Ebay right in the middle of all the splitting drama so i'm not sure if mine is defective or not. I've folded mine quite a bit (haven't actually done a trial run yet though) and nothing has happened...but how long did it take others' cups to split? I just think it would be unfortunate to have it split in the middle of my period when i'm trying it. I also just noticed that i have a couple of nicks in the silicone in the bottom of my cup...is that normal? I squeezed them to see if they would start splitting...but nothing happened. I'm crossing my fingers this cup holds up!
Tags: coloured lady cups, virginity

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