moonlitedance85 (moonlitedance85) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette vs. PinkCup

Even with all the splitting I decided to order a PinkCup and it just came in today!

There is a HUGE difference between the cups! So here is what I noticed....

LC is softer than Lunette
LC has a wider rim then Lunette (it is MUCH wider! I can almost fit the top of my Lunette inside the top of my LC and they are both Large)
LC rim is more pronounced then Lunette
LC has a hollow stem vs. Lunettes flat stem
LC doesn't have ridges on it's stem like Lunette does

I did try my LC with a dry run and it was a little harder to pop open. I'm glad I had so much practice with my Lunette b/c I knew how to stir to get the LC to open. Folding LC was easier than Lunette b/c its softer. LC was also easier to insert though the rim is wider it is softer. I dont "feel" my LC as much as I do my Lunette even with the stems on both. I really like how soft LC is. Though it is also harder to remove b/c it's so soft and has more suction.

So my summary of the two cups is..... they are polar opposites! lol I'm glad Lunette was my first cup b/c it's stiffer. It made it easy to pop open and adjust but now that I know how to work a cup I really like how soft the LC is. I would recommend anyone looking between the two to pick the Lunette as their first time cup to learn with but I highly recommend getting a LC eventually b/c they really are comfortable!

Tags: brand comparisons, lady cup, lunette

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