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Reporter looking for real people who use menstrual cups

I get a listing each day of reporters and writers looking for sources. One came up today:

17) Summary: Do "menstrual cups" work for you?

Category: Lifestyle & Entertainment

Name: Lisa Maxbauer

Email: lisamaxb@yahoo.com

Title: Contributor, writer

Media Outlet/Publication: FIRST magazine

Anonymous? No

Specific Geographic Region?  No


Deadline: 2:00 PM EASTERN - February 27


"I'm working on a health article about women who prefer using
menstrual cups (rather than tampons or pads). If you would like to
share your perspective and educate other women about these
products, please email me. I'm interested in learning exactly why
these disposable or washable/reusable cups fit your lifestyle.
Thanks for sharing!"
Tags: activism, papers/articles/pamphlets

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