steph_and_hop (steph_and_hop) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thinking of trying menstrual cups

I'm thinking of trying a cup for the first time. I'm swaying towards the LadyCup because I'm 18 pretty small, around 100 pounds, a virgin and have a pretty light flow. I was looking at the tags and saw you can get cups from or with 6 month return policy. Which would be good if the cup didn't work out for me I could go back to using cloth pads.

1. Does anyone have any coupon codes or Are these the same store?
2. I'm pretty tight, I can stick about 2 fingers in my vagina and push them apart in there a bit although its still tight. Is that pretty good for getting a menstrual cup in? If not what do you suggest to help?
3. How long does shipping take? Either ebay, or

Any advice would be great, thanks. I'm very excited to try cups out!

EDIT: I'd like to thank everyone so much so far! It really helped. I ended up purchasing a ladycup on ebay :)
Tags: virginity, where to buy
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