Alwyn (sabishii_kirito) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I am in my anniversary period with my cup, but that isn't what this is about. This is about people being stupid about cups.

I went home over the weekend for my mom's birthday. She saw me take some Midol and asked if I was on my period. I said yea. The next day she walks up to me with a confused look on her face.

Mom: Where are the wrappers for your tampons?
Me: ... I don't use tampons.
Mom: Oh. *long pause* Where are the wrappers for your pads?
Me: ... I don't use pads.
Mom: Well what DO you use?
Me: -explanation about menstrual cups-
Mom: Oh god. *obviously disgusted*
Me: Why are you getting mad? You don't even know anything about them.
Mom: I worked in an operating room. I've seen girls with implants get lupus from the silicon. Anything you put in your body is going to do something to you.
Me: They use the same material in pacemakers. Would doctors really give people with heart problems something that had a chance of giving them lupus on top of it?
Mom: Why are you using that thing anyway?
Me: I was studying abroad last year, and they didn't sell tampons. This saves me money, it's better on the environment, and I don't need to worry about bleach or peroxide.
Mom: Your body can absorb silicon!
Me: ...It's not a liquid. It's FDA approved, there is no link between TSS and cups, a lot of people have reported easier periods because of them--
Mom: I don't care what studies have said. I know what I know.

Yea. Right. And of course I just had to get sick that night with a horrible migraine that caused me to vomit, which my mom used as "proof" that she was right. I also broke out in hives two weeks ago which have stuck around due to stress... Of course it was caused by "that thing inside of me" too.

I love my mom, but sometimes talking to people about cups is really less productive than banging your head on a spiked wall.
Tags: family & friends, health risks

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