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Background info: Im a 20 yr old virgin. I do not know if my hymen is still intact though... Sometimes I think it is and other times I dont. I also have never used tampons because Im scared of them and have a really really light period (4 days, 2 of the days only require a light pad at most, and the other 2 need only a pantyliner).

Ok, so I bought a diva because after some self-exploring I was unable to feel my cervix so I figure it sat pretty high up and the length of the diva would be no problem (also, it was the cheapest cup). I get the diva and insert it no problems... except the base and stem are sticking out but it wont go any higher no matter how much I try to push it. Removing and inserting there is not pain. I figured it was actually too wide and long so I bought a lunette.

I got the lunette and it pops in perfectly. Super easy, no pain, I cannot feel it at all (I was amazed!). But I have a similar problem as the diva in that it will not pop open or unfold. I put my finger next to it and I guess what happened is it is hitting a bone and then folding in half. At first I was like "OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" until I realized it was the cup because the top is curving back downwards... I was confused. I dont know what Im supposed to do. I stuck my finger as I as I could get it in trying to push the top back up and hoping it would pop open, but I couldnt get it to straighten out. It probably doesnt help that my vagina feels cresent shaped and just doesnt not seem like there is enough space for the cup to sit open because when I put my finger in it feels hugged by warm and squishy all around. Should I try the diva again and just try harder to push it up higher, past the bone?

I really want to use the cup because I move around a lot and heat+pad= uncomfortable... Ive got a ladycup on the way too... oiy Ive spent like $80 on these cups. Im so impatient with myself, Ill make them work though I just need some suggestions. I dont really understand how high they are supposed to go.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I got it in right today. I just did the 7 fold and pointed the folded side down and it worked in about 3 seconds.
I cant do it sitting down though because for some reason it hurts. Standing is easy enough though. Im so happy! Its too bad thats its on the 3rd day of my pretty much non-exist period.
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