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Okay, sorry about my crazy-person rant the other day. I was just SUPER frustrated and had spend waaaay too much time trying to force my DivaCup to work right. Anyway, yesterday was crappy, too, more leakage during the day, though I was fine at night. And finally, today was perfect!

I went swimming today with my boyfriend's family, and decided to take a chance and use the diva cup. I had no leaks whatsoever during the WHOLE day, in or out of the pool. It worked great. I think I'm finally starting to realize where my cup needs to be in order for it to work. Mine seems to work when it's pretty low, so I can feel it, but it isn't uncomfortable. It just wont pop right if I put it in any higher. So, I'm slowly but surely figuring it out.

I really appreciate everyone's advice. I probably would have thrown the cup away if I didn't have you ladies to help me figure out how to make it work.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know things went well today!
Tags: divacup, sports/physical activities, success stories
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