erica990 (erica990) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love the Bluecup

This is my 2nd cycle with the Bluecup Ladycup, and I really like it.  It pops open very easily for me, does not leak untill it is mostly full, and it is so, so soft and comfortable.  I can hardly tell it is there.  I had a little trouble removing it at first, but I have the hang of it now.  I have a Paraguard, so really need a cup to deal with the heavy periods.  I like the color too!

I used the Divacup before, and I'm finding the Bluecup works so much better for me.  I rarely got a good suction with the Divacup (nearly always leaked),  and  I frequently hurt myself trying to insert it.  It also made me feel like I needed to urinate constantly.  I might have had a better fit with the smaller size in the Diva but then I would not have the capacity that I have with the large Bluecup.

The reviews on this site helped me to choose my 2nd cup, so I thought I would contribute to the experience base here.  I highly recommend that if one cup is not working out to sort through the reviews and try a brand with a different design. 
Tags: divacup, lady cup, success stories

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