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Hallelujah! Finally Get To Use My Divacup!

That's right, after 58 days of waiting for my period to start, and 3 negative pregnancy tests, my new Divacup finally gets a REAL use!

Its kind of funny how this happened...  I had this CRAZY dream last night that I was having intense cramps and I had started my period, but I couldn't find any protection to use, anywhere!  lol.   And that's weierd, because I almost never dream at all...  Then I woke up, and I was was like, "Yeah that probably would be just my luck... When I finally do start, I won't be near anything."

But then I went into the bathroom and-- BEHOLD!  It wasn't a dream, I had actually started.  And the cramps from the dream were real too.  But I didn't care.  Oddly, I think I was savoring every twinge, lol.  I don't think I have ever been so happy to get my period, in my whole life!  

So anyway, I put my divacup in (it was like a ceremonial moment, hehe) and it popped open for me  easily (as it always did with the dry runs).  I guess I'll change it after...  Oh, 4 hours, I think.  Because my first and second days tend to be the heaviest.  And I'm using a cloth pad, just in case.  Because I may have had a ladycup before, but every cup works differently with one's body.

Anyway, I'll let everyone know how well it works later on.  Just happy to feel like my regular o'le menstruating, womanly self, lol.



Ok, since its the first day of my cycle, I wanted empty the cup every couple of hours.  Well, actually, I inserted it around 6 pm (I was up until 7 in the morning last night, so I slept in ensanely late today, lol).  Now its lik 9:42pm.  So I went to empty it...

Surprisingly, it didn't have much flow in it.  Only about a quarter of the way up.  And this one is a bit longer than the ladycup I used to have (the one that my neighbor stole, in case you read that post).  And my cervix rides VERY low during my cycle.  So during my dry runs, I was able to get it up pretty far...  But now, the bottom of the cup refuses to go more than a half-inch further than the vaginal opening.  So I can feel it a little bit while its in (I cut the stem COMPLETELY off).  But it doesn't bother me.  I could always feel a tampon too, no matter where I put it.   But the good part of that is, there is no reisk of it being difficult to grab hold of (which my small ladycup WAS hard to grab at times).

Diva pops open VERY well and easily for me, thanks to the slightly thicker silicone.  Forms a good seal, and NO leaks (well, not so far, but I am having an unusually light first day, so we'll see how a heavier day goes).  This must be a newer model, because I've seen some older ones, and they had a defined ridge 1/3 of the way down.  But mine does not--- its extremely smooth from top to bottom, with the exception of the grip rings around the base.  

When I removed it, the outside was as clean as before I put it in.  The inside was mostly clean too, because everything seemed to collect at the bottom.  The very bottom of the cup is flat.  No writing.  A simple rinse under the faucet, and it was clean as the day I got it.  The holes are VERY tiny, and I've heard of some people having trouble cleaning them out, but mine came clean quite easily, simply by filling the cup with water, placing my hand over the top, and squezing the water through the holes.  Reinsertion was smooth and easy.

All in all, I would say this is a GREAT cup!   
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