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Lunette and Trial LadyCup Pictures!

My trial LadyCups came today.

I decided to test the small Lilacup, since I'm at the tail end of my period.  (I wish it had come yesterday, but whatever.)  It's quite stiff, as someone else had pointed out about the trial LadyCups, but the base is squishier than the rim.  It went in much easier than the Lunette, probably because it's much smoother.  The Lunette has writing at the top, and a ridge, and two measurement lines, and a few grip lines at the base, whereas the Lilacup is completely smooth except for some bumps at the base.  I had to cut the stem, and once again, I'm having trouble getting the cut to be smooth enough.  I wish cups came with an option for them to be pre-cut to a custom length!  I'd pay a little extra for that.

Here are all three: a small Lilacup, a large Greencup, and a small Greencup. I think the green is a bit darker than in the photo, because there's a bit of glare from the plastic bag, but I didn't want to take them out, because they're gifts. (I'm going to try converting my family!)

Here's how the small Lilacup compares to the small Lunette.  I think the Lilacup looks a tad smaller.  I think the color is quite nice.

Tags: brand comparisons, coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, lunette
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