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First Try

Thanks everyone for responding to my post, I appreciate it so much! It was really helpful. Yesterday was the first day of my period. I used the punch-down folding method and everything worked out great! I could even twist it to check it was popped. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but then it "settled" and I forgot about it. I even wore it at night with no leaks. I was very pleased.

Then Day 2... I put it in today and went to work. After a half an hour, I could feel I was leaking. It must not have popped open fully, although I could swear it felt normal when I swirled my finger around it. So I messed up my underwear, and tried to put it back in. My hands got super messy trying to get it back in.  I tried a couple, and it kept slipping open before it was in right. Then i couldn't tell if it was popped or not, so gave up cause I had to get back to work and didn't want any more accidents! I'm so bummed to be wearing a tampon right now. I'm about to try it again, though, now that I'm home. Hopefully I'll have better luck now.

So, this weekend I have to go to this indoor water park with my boyfriends WHOLE family. Worst timing to be on my period. Can I swim with the Diva Cup? Will it like fill up with water or spill blood into the pool? That would be horrible! Should I just stick with a tampon?

Thanks again, girls.
Tags: divacup, first time use, popping open, sports/physical activities

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