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After reading posts in other forums about cloth pads and menstrual cups, I made the decision this week to give them both a shot.  All the reasons make sense to me.  Saving money, helping the environment, not putting chemical laden products in my body.  So, I ordered some cloth pads and  my Diva cup on Tuesday.  The cup was delivered today! 

I am  excited and  nervous to try it.  I don't think I'll be doing a dry run, as it seems more people have success waiting for their period.  So I have a few weeks of waiting. I have been reading many of the first time user posts to see what issues everyone faced when first inserting/removing their cups, and the advice given.    I'll keep reading and practicing folds until I get to use it.

I am nervous because I had an "incident" with tampon a bit over a year ago where upon going to remove it I tugged the string, and all that came out was ....the longer attached to the tampon.  My initial reaction was PANIC, but I managed to get it out.  You would think that would keep me from using another tampon for a while, but no, I used another one right away.  Guess what happened when I went to take that one out?  Mhmm :::tug::::string:::::no tampon:::panic again a little::::: Once again the issue was resolved, but I never touched another Tampax Pearl again.  Still used tampons but a different brand.  So my nervousness comes from remembering that panic feeling of "how am I going to get  it out!!!"   So I'm just going to relax, and continue reading posts.  I take great solace in never having seen a post  that said "I couldn't get it out and had to go to the doctor to have it removed!!" Yes...I know that is an unreasonable worry.

Thanks for "listening" to me ramble, and thanks for all the great advice I've read in the posts so far.
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