melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sample Lady Cups

Just had a few tips to offer, and a question...

I had a girl email me about these while discussing them on YouTube, and She had an idea that I think might work to make the sample cups last longer...  She said,

"Run the ladycup under hot tap water for a minute or so before you use it, to make the molicules softer and more flexible.  And try the C fold, because it involves the least amount of creasing, bending, and stress pressure.  But make sure none of the fold creases are running through the "holes" because that seems to be where most tears begin.  So creasing them constantly can double your chances of a split."

I figured all that kinda made a little sense, so just wanted to toss it out on the table.

And as for my question-- are they still offering the cheaper sample cups?  I went to their website this morning, and I didn't see that 5-dollar sample offer on their front page anymore.  Does this mean they have gotten rid of all the faulty splitting ones? 
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