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First time issues...

Hi...I found this lj and was so excited when I received my model 2 Divacup in the mail and it was my time to use it so I thought great! hooray!
But, ...oh... it did not go so good....I had trouble inserting it with the c fold, that is so not going to work. I just looked over the memories and will try the others..
Here is the issue though, as much as it hurt inserting it, I had real problems removing it. It had rode all the way up, so that even the stem was hard to grab. I bared down and that helped but it still gave me problems. So yeah, I did start to panic a little...finally I did get it out, but ow, I didn't fold it before I did that and it is killing me now:) I will also use the memories to work on that..
But my questions are, and it sounds stupid I know, but in my desperation to get that damn thing out, I was pretty rough poking around and trying to get the stem, could I have done some damage to myself?
Plus, I read the faq for the DivaCup and I know it says it's not supposed to cause TSS or anything like that? But should I be watching out for that, or something similar?

I'm just trying to make next time I use it a better experience, because after this first time, the insertion and removal hurt so much, it's almost worth going back to pads. I'm not sure if I want to switch cup since from reading this site, the DivaCup has a better stem, but I'm open to ideas.
Tags: divacup, first time use, removal, removal - painful or problems, teething troubles
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