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Oh wow! I just made my first post the other day, here. Guess what happened guys?! My friends dog ATE my DivaCup! **cries** The stem is gone and the sides have small cuts in them that almost go all the way through. And my cute lil custom made bag is no where to be found. I have been bitching about this dog in my journal for days. She's pee'd on our bed and my husband, ate my friends glasses, poops and pee's all over the house/(it's a trailer)... I'm so devastated. I was sooo excited, now I'm just sooo sad!

Guess I won't be seeing you guys for awhile. =(

P.S. Feel free to use my discount code on iHerb.com for the DivaCup. $5 off. MAB704
Tags: divacup, where to buy
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