Erin (riversofsound) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Last quesion, I swear.

After losing my Cup & My mind using a pad, I decided to scour my hillbilly town to see if anyone sold the Instead Softcup, SUCCESS! CVS had one box left. I bought them, and after making a super simple insertion extremely hard("Can it be that easy?") I felt pretty good about them.

My question is, Can they be too long?  I push mine in & Pop it behind the pubic bone, but when I go to use the bathroom & Check on it its never behind the bone. What can I be doing wrong?  I slept in it last night with no leaks, but when I wiped this morning it was pretty bloody, and sure enough it wasn't behind the bone, I took it out, put a new one in, and currently it isn't in place, but not leaking OR uncomfortable..  

Any thoughts?
Tags: instead

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