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Turning the Lunette Inside Out

With so many suggestions to turn the Diva Cup inside out going around, I decided to see how it would work with my small Lunette. Turning it inside out kind of stretched the holes in a way that looked a little dangerous for long term use.

It was so much easier to insert! I use the extreme 7 or triangle fold, because it's the smallest tip, but usually it hurts a bit at the base when it goes in. I thought it was because the fold made it wider at the base, but now I think it probably has more to do with the ridges. The inside out Lunette went in very smoothly without pain. I didn't have any problems popping open.

I then went to class and left it in for several hours. I think I may have had a bit more leaking than normal. This could be because I left it in for too long, but I think the leaking was constant. On the other hand, it did not leak very much, and I have had some issues with it leaking when it wasn't inside out.

I was a bit worried about removal, but it actually went pretty well. Turning it inside out makes it flat on the bottom, almost flared out a tiny bit. I had some trouble getting my finger past the base of the cup, but once I did that, it was easy to pinch the base and get a good grip because of the shape.

So, I may be using my Lunette inside out from now on. I'll edit this post tomorrow or in a few days if I come to any conclusions about leaking.

EDIT:   I'm not sure you can actually see the measurements, and also my ruler has a few millimeters at the beginning before it starts measuring.  Basically, the normal (not inside out) Lunette is 47 mm long.  Turning it inside out makes it more like 43 mm, and you could probably push it to make it even shorter, though I don't know that it would stay that way.  Turning it inside out also changes the shape slightly, especially at the base, which makes it not too hard to get a grip to take it out.  Most importantly, it makes it much smoother!
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