Erin (riversofsound) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I lost my cup!

I bought a Size A Mooncup(US) a few months back, and while I'd already decided I was going to have to try out a different one evenutally, I was relatively pleased with it.  BUT I LOST IT!! Waahhhhh!  We've looked everywhere and I'm convinced my husband threw it away, although he won't admit it.. Perhaps its in my childrens toy chest, all I know is wherever it is I'm glad I thoroughly cleaned it after I last used it! haha

Anyway I'm in the market for a new one, I'm currently ON my period, using Nasty pads, I HATE them! I'd never realized what an attachment I'd made to my cup! I've had it since November.  And I'm very uncomfortable sitting here typing without it in!

Here's what I really need,  The mooncup was a little rigid, I'd posted earlier about having an urge to pee, but not being able too, So I need something a little softer, more flexible maybe? And I was a little disappointed with the amount of time I'd have to clean it out, At work in an 8 hour shift I'd take it out once or twice because it would start to leak,  Are there any a little larger?  I remember LadyCUp being suggested to me once, would that fit the bill for both these things?

ALSO, They sell them pretty cheaply on Ebay, would you buy your cup off ebay?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, keeper moon cup, lady cup, where to buy
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