wickedhelga (wickedhelga) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Decisions, decisions...

Hi! I've been reading posts like crazy and got very valuable tips from the community; I still have a couple of questions...

I own both a DivaCup (size 1) and a Keeper (size B). Both stems poked awfully so they are gone (together with a chunck of the Diva's base, it was just too long), the Diva's ridges at the base are still somewhat uncomfortable (much less than when I first started using it but I can't say I don't feel them), that makes the Keeper more comfortable for me (completely smooth, no ridges). They are both on the longish side of the spectrum as I've seen from the charts and since my cervix is SUPER low (reachable with 1/2 finger) I've been thinking about getting a shorter cup. On the bright side, with the ones I have, I just bear down/push a little and they're almost all the way out.

The Mooncup (UK) seems like a good choice but since it has ridges at the base I'm not sure, I think I might feel them just like with the Diva. I'm also a heavy bleeder (chronic anemia heavy, already in treatment), so I think I might need one with higher capacity, maybe just the large size? I'm not sure. This made me think about the Moon Cup (US), since it is smooth as the Keeper, but we're back at "I might be more comfortable with a shorter cup"...

Any advice? :D

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, keeper moon cup, mooncup (uk)

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