indigo_dawn (indigo_dawn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

As you may have already seen, have a website where a list of cloth pad sellers can be browsed by location, materials, and price.

It's been a dream of mine to have a similar website, but in menstrual cup form. The idea is to be able to browse each menstrual cup brand via location and brand name. The idea may expand further in the future, such as including a folds section, but this is what I have so far ;)

The current goals:

* for the wiki to have a much more aesthetic layout
* side panel to contain a list of current menstrual cup brands
* every cup page to contain a short description of each cup and its attributes in a neutral way, or even better in a positive way
* every cup page to contain a clear colour photograph of each cup and its current packaging
* every cup page to contain links of different countries and their cup sellers in alphabetical order

Anybody can modify the pages - it's totally free to participate.

Currently I am in my last year of university and very busy, so everybody's help would be appreciated. If everybody participates even just a little bit, we can get this wiki looking great in no time :)

Tags: buying decisions, links, where to buy

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