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ever so slightly obsessed

New mods announcement

Hi all,

Please welcome your new tag monkeys overlords, amanita03 and lintilla! Both very familiar faces I'm sure (or will be as soon as they comment and you can see their icons), I am very glad to have them on board.

To everyone else who posted: thank you very much. It's lovely to see that there are loads of very capable people here. I'm sorry I don't need a team of twenty :)

Now that we are three, we have some new ways of contacting us that will be quicker than just trying your luck with PMing one of us:
  1. We have an open post which we will be watching. You do not need to join the community to post there, and you can comment anonymously.

  2. We still have the email address: menstrual_cups at livejournal dot com.

  3. And you can of course talk to us as you see us around in the community.

I'm also taking this opportunity to make a minor addition to the rules:

We also request that you not post more than twice a week. We understand that you may have lots of questions at first, but please do take the time to read through previous posts to get the information you need. We also encourage you to ask your follow up questions in comments to people on your original post, rather than applying to the whole community again.

Woohoo! *throws confetti*
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