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My first post in here...

I got my cup last week. Luckily was on my time of the month to use it, so I was stoked! I bought the Diva Cup Model 2 from iHerb.com. I couldn't resist trying it so I washed it and my hands off. Used the info from this community and the directions...Deciding to use a C type fold, I folded it and tried to put it in. POPPPP! It popped outta my hands, lol. I dunno if it's just cuz it's brand new or something, it seems kinda hard for me to fold and keep folded down WHILE inserting it. That's the MAIN problem I've had with it. I got it in and it instantly opened up inside me cuz I could barely keep it folded together in the first place. I tried to do the spin in one full circle thing I've read about in here. That wasn't going to happen, I couldn't spin it at all. Felt too suctioned in or something.

If it feels like it's suctioned in (cuz it is a lil harder/tugging to get it out when need be)...Does that mean it's SEALED? I'm getting a tiny bit of spotting, like the stem is making lil dots on my pad or something? It was hardly even blood colored...Dunno what's up with that.

Other than that. I love it. I feel a lot nicer, cleaner, healthier, and don't have to change it alllll the friggin time. I love that too. Even though it's been kinda hard for me to get in, and having to wear panty liners. I STILL love it more than stupid tampons. Haha. No more feeling all dried out all the time. And yay for saving money!!

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Like my lil cup for my bag, made by: Quirky Quintessentials Click to make the pic bigger. =)
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