Ms. Kane (genericjanedoe) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ms. Kane

Lady cup inside out

Hi everyone---It's your friendly resident inside-out-Diva advocate here. (In case you're wondering I wrote an entry ages ago about how the only way I could properly use my small Diva is by flipping it inside out. Now, that's my suggestion for the fully litany of Diva related've probably seen me suggesting it here and there. It doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a shot before giving up!)

Anyway, I've never really been interested in trying other cups, since I saw the purchase of my Diva as a money saving measure in the long term. And I, personally, haven't been charmed by colored cups. BUT when Lady Cup ran the $7 trial colored cup promotion w/ the batch of defective ones, I couldn't resist. As I'm nearing on my 25th, I ordered a large blue cup. (I picked blue because I haven't heard of as many tears w/ that color as I did purple or green. I couldn't care less about the actual color.)

Even though I take NO stock in dry runs, I thought I'd try one the other day, after I had orgasmed, and knew it wouldn't be too painful or frustrating. Anyway, I got the blue cup in (right side out as intended) and it was popped open, but instantly, it felt like the most uncomfortable thing of all time (especially the little stem). I couldn't resist, I removed, and turned it inside out, and again...the magic cure all for me. I don't know what it is! At this point, I just suspect that since I've been using my Diva inside out for so long, that's just what feels best for me.

I'm going to test it next week on my period both inside out and right side out. Unlike the Diva, I suspect it won't leak horribly for me right side out (as I could tell it was popped...the Diva never did that.) But my inclination is that I'll end up using it inside out as a comfort factor. I guess we'll see.

I thought I'd go ahead and share since I haven't heard of many other cups being used inside out. I will note a couple of things: I have twisted, folded, distorted, and flipped my blue cup inside out and right side out over and over, and no signs of tearing yet (knock on wood! It'd be great to get lots of use out of a $7 cup!) Second, I can see why people have written about removal problems with Lady cups. Those suckers ARE slippery. It was actually easier to remove inside out though, since flipping it created a small nub like place to pinch and pull.

I'm interested to see if there are any significant period related differences between the inside out Diva and inside out LC :)

Tags: brand comparisons, coloured lady cups, divacup, inside-out

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