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Success Story! Yippidedodah! (and a few questions)

Hello everyone,

Thank you *so* much for all your help.  Even just mainly lurking, and checking out old posts through the tags, I learned a ton.  The best part is that now I can finally use my divacup.  (It seems like lots of people don't like the divacup as much as others, but I think it's great, for what it's worth--not that I ave tried anything else.  But the diva is also easier to find, at least in the US, because they sell them at Whole Foods.)

About me:

I am almost 15 years old, medium build, and very active.  I am a swimmer, so pads were pretty much useless, and though I tried a few times, I could NOT insert tampons.  They just hurt a ton and I could get them in about an 8th of an inch before it hurt too much to continue.  So I was super super excited when I found out about divacups.  I convinced my mom to just let me try it, as she was pretty skeptical, especially when she saw how huge it was.  But luckily she is really flexible, and pretty much lets me do what I want, since she knows I'm not going to make bad choices.  So I got a diva, since I didn't know there was anything else.

What happened:

I tried for about three cycles, and nothing worked.  Granted, I didn't even know where my vagina was at first, but I got a little more acquainted with myself after a while.  Then I didn't get a period for six months (i've only had it for a year and a half, so don't worry), so I couldn't really try it out then.  Six weeks ago, I got my period again and tried it after about three days of misery--and it worked!  I use the origami fold, and the trick for me is pushing it back, not up like I thought I'd have to, and then just getting it past this one crucial spot.  Now, I can pop it in in about fifteen seconds.  So anyways, the cup worked great for my light days--it was hardly full at all--but I wasn't sure about what would happen when I was heavier.  This period, I tried again, as soon as it started, and it has been great!  I am so excited and thanks to everyone!

Some Questions...

Whenever I put it in, it never pops open.  I think I have a pretty narrow vagina, but I have to spend about twenty seconds or even more moving it around, turning it, etc. to get it to pop open all the way.  Still, I never know if it really is all the way open, because I never feel the pop others describe.  Anyone have this happen?

Also, the first time I put it in each cycle, it leaks a bit.  Not enough that it would go through my clothes or that I'd need a pad, but I definitely need a liner.  Then, after the very first time, even if it was only a few hours, it's totally fine as long as I take it out and then reinsert it.  Note that this could have been a fluke, because I've only had two cycles with it so far, but it seems kind of weird because it happened both times (and at different parts of my cycle too).  I'm not really sure why this is happening.  Any suggestions/ideas?

I would really like to cut the stem, because it actually does bother me, but I do use it for removal (the cup gets really far up there).  I guess I could just trim it a tiny bit?

I bike to school every day, and also do a lot of biking separately from that.  The stem kind of gets in the way, and though I haven't had any leaking yet, I think maybe sometime I will.  Has anyone else leaked or pushed the cup out of place while biking?

I actually *like* my cycle now--I look forward to it!  This is totally different from how I felt before.  I used to hate it with a passion!

Also, an interesting note: I think I'm cycling in tune with my close friend from school.  It's actually really coll that women bleed together, in my opinion.  (But this friend does *not* enjoy her cycle at all--she uses disposable pads and can't stand the thought of anything goind inside her.  Ah well, maybe someday...)

Again, thanks so much!

Tags: age, chafing/irritation, divacup, family & friends, first time use, leakage & spotting, popping open, seal & suction, sports/physical activities, stem length/trimming, success stories
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