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International locations

I know South Coast Shopping has received many posts in this community about offering cups at more affordable prices but actually, if you are ordering from an international location (I'm in Mexico) you'll get a better deal ordering from their ebay store than from their own webpage, the price might be a bit more expensive than on their website, but the shipping is WAY cheaper (about 8 times cheaper, that's a lot) and makes a difference on the total price.

EDIT: Forget about it, I bought a cup and they refused to ship it at that price even though it was an available option (clickable). I know everyone can ship at whatever price (fee) they want but is not ok to say $4.33 and after the payment has been made say "you know, it's not $4.33, it's $20.50, why did you select that shipping option?"... they could have just disabled it if they never intended to offer it...

I see, if I click-click-click through all their fine print, I eventually can find the countries on the "black list" (come on! I've bought from all over the world and never had a problem--fuming--), but again... they could have just disabled the cheap option if they never intended to offer it...

At least I got a refund, but you bet I'm angry right now... (sorry about the rant :$) If your country is on the "safe" list you can still get cheap shipping...
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