brokensmyl (brokensmyl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I posted last night about not being able to get my cup in. Well, today I took a shower and for the first time I actually felt it pop open. It was quite an awesome feeling. But of course, nothing good can happen without something bad (for me). It's in, but again, the stem is poking and pinching me. I did trim about 1/4 of the stem off to try to fix it, but it is still hurting. Now hopefully I won't be TMI here, but I have pretty large lips down there, and I think that is why it is hurting. I just don't get why I'm having this problem this month, and I didn't have it last month. Should I trim the stem down even more, or try to give it some more time? Sorry to be such a pain, I just can't get it to work perfectly.
Tags: stem length/trimming

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