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Lady Cup

I really don't know if cups are for me. I had a diva cup for 6 months or so, and it never worked for me. I'm pretty sure it was way too big for me. A couple of months ago I got my lady cup. My first period with it was okay. After a couple of times I could get it in right. The first time, however, it leaked, and I have no idea why. After that, it was okay. So my period is "scheduled" to start tomorrow and since I usually get it in the really early hours of the morning, I was going to go ahead and stick the cup in so I wouldn't have to worry about it. I also planned on wearing a pad as a just in case. I thought I had gotten it in right, but apparently not. I could feel it sticking out of me, which is so weird because last month I had absolutely no problems with it poking out. I love the long stem, it makes it so much easier/cleaner to take it out for me, and I really don't want to cut it. Could it be I just didn't have it in right? And it might be a little TMI here but it also, like, blocked me from being able to use the bathroom.
On top of it poking out, I can't get it to pop open. Is it supposed to happen right away? Because I had this same problem with my diva cup. I've tried the C fold, 7 fold, and the punch down fold. None work for me. The way it worked for me last month way me putting it in using one of the folds, then pulling it out just about all the way so that it would fill with air and seal. Then I had to try to push it back up inside of me. And that is PAINFUL! So help is appreciated, if not, I might just go back to pads. I'd rather use a cup, but I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult.

Edit: Just in case it might help any of you in giving me advice... I usually put the cup in with one leg up on the counter, and standing on the other. The only other way that I have found that works for me is laying down, and I can't do that in a bathroom.
Tags: bowel movements, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lady cup, leakage & spotting, popping open, teething troubles
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