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Thank you everyone

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for the comments, advice and questions posted on this board. I have been in much pinchy-type pain for two days while using my first Mooncup (UK). It got so bad that I couldn't take it any longer and removed it earlier this evening, all the while feeling like a big fat failure. After spending a good 4 hours reading many posts on this board I was encouraged enough to give it another try. Hallelujah! I am sitting here in complete tranquility, no discomfort, no pinching and no soreness.

What helped me was a combination of a few things I've read here: Leaning back rather than leaning forward, cutting the stalk as far down as it will go, folding a corner of the cup down to the tip prior to insertion (sorry, I can't remember the correct term for this folding method) and making sure I got past the pubic bone. Time will tell if I've cracked it and I realise that 20 mins is a little bit early to be celebrating success but I can't tell it's in place right now which is a major achievement after the ouchiness of the last two days. I've even had a coughing fit and I still can't feel it.  Coughing earlier today had me heading for the bathroom in double time as I managed to cough my cup half out of me.

Anyway, thank you again - you've really helped me out :O)

Tags: mooncup (uk), success stories

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