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Got my trial Ladycup,...

I only have a Diva size large so, I thought I would try a ladycup and the trial ones seemed a great time to try.
I got mine ( ordered blue and green and tried the blue) yesterday in the mail and I instantly decided to give them a go ( arrived during that right time of the month). 
 I looked at both cups( Diva and Lady)  side by side on the counter and although the lady cup was shorter it looked slightly wider and was ever so pretty in blue.  I am use to the Diva and although it is not uncomfortable per say it is definitely noticeable when inserted ( still so much better then tampons and pads).  I didn't have that same feeling with the lady cup.   I couldn't feel the ladycup at all.   I hadn't trimmed the stem either.  I am impressed.  I had no trouble with inserting and it popped open instantly and without the "twang" and "snap" that I sometime get with my diva.
Removal was a little tricky as it was slicker and slightly harder to grasp and had one heck of a seal but, it wasn't  unmanageable just a slight learning curve from using a different cup.

Alas, my trial cup has spilts after two inserts and two removals,... I only tried the c fold so, I'm not certian if other folds may make the trial cup last longer or shorter.  I got what I paid for - a cup guaranteed for one use. 

I like the color options (surely it really doesn't matter but for me, it's kinda like picking a lovely pattern for cloth pads) it makes the cup seem that much more of a part of me and fits my mood.

I will certainly be buying a regular Ladycup,... possibly two and retiring my Diva to the glove box in the van for those just incase times I'm parted from my ladycup and in need of a instant rescue from Aunt Flo.
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