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First moon cycle on Diva Cup. :)

This is my first cycle on the Diva Cup! I'm incredibly excited. I put it in tonight, of course it did take some time because I only did one prior dry run. I had to cut the stem. It kind of burns and I'm also incredibly aware that it's there. Maybe because I'm thinking about it too much. Whatever!! It doesn't matter because whatever is wrong I will make this work, damnit. :)

UPDATE: 2:40 A.M.
So, I emptied my Diva Cup because I wasn't really sure when to do it, ya know? I also wanted to see if it would be easy for me to take it out. Well, it was pretty easy!! And to my surprise...I put it back in in like 2 seconds. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! I'm very happy because I have (at least I had) a disorder called vaginismus where my vagina closes up whenever something comes near it. Sad, right? Haha. Well...I can't possibly have this physiological disorder anymore if I was able to do this!!! My husband will be very happy to hear this. ;) So will my gynacologist because he said the only way to overcome is vaginal intercourse. Or perhaps a Diva Cup? Lol.

P.S. I also noticed that I don't have any cramps. Is this even possible? How awesome are menstrual cups, you guys?

Tags: divacup, first time use

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