Sarah (1girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My vagina knows what I'm thinking!

I ordered one of the trial LadyCups just for the heck of it, idle curiousity, whatever.  I got the cup in the mail today, and I immediately thought "Aw.  I'm going to have to wait two whole weeks to try this thing out.  That's too bad."  I went to the bathroom about an hour later, and I was spotting!  I never ever spot (I suspect this was caused by some antibiotics I've just started on), but I just thought it was funny that the one day in my life that I spot is the day that I get a new cup in the mail.

So far, so good with the trial cup.  I have a size 1 Diva, and went with the large LadyCup, because the Diva's length works well for me.  I had a much harder time getting the LadyCup in properly than I do with the Diva.  I couldn't get it to pop open without a lot of poking and prodding.  And the holes seem huge compared to the Diva!  The texture also seems different between the two cups...the LadyCup feels slicker, if that makes sense.  It's also squishier, but not as much as I thought it would be.  Once the LadyCup was in, it felt the same as the Diva.  The one thing that I do like about the LadyCup is the bumpiness of the bottom of the cup.  It makes gripping the bottom very easy.  But other than that, they seem very similar except for the color, which admittedly, is pretty cheery.

No splits yet, and I've removed it once/inserted twice.  I'm glad I bought the cup, because it made spotting, which would normally be super annoying, somewhat more interesting.  And honestly, I don't think I'm going to buy a regular price LadyCup after this experience.  They are so similar that it doesn't seem worth it.  I'll think on it for a bit, but if I decide not to buy a LadyCup I'll share my code for the 15% discount here so someone else can take advantage.
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, lady cup

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