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So I got my IUD inserted today and I mentioned my menstrual cup to the NP. She informed me that it would increase my chance of expulsion and if I did expel, they would not be able to insert another IUD. She said that anyone who expels for any reason would be treated the same way. Their cervix would be considered "unfit" (I think that's what she said) and because the chance of expulsion again would be so great they wouldn't consider it. I told her if that happened I'm sure I could just drive to the next biggest town and get one there as I know that it's possible to try again as I'd heard of people doing it. I explained that I had researched the use of the cup and IUD together and though it may take more awareness and dilligence, I thought it was worth it, as well as worth the risk, as I love my cup so much. She was a little taken aback at first, but then shrugged it off and laughing said, "Don't try to come between a girl and her cup!"

I think she was pretty much against the cup, because she then told me how she has observed a higher rate of cervical cancer in those who use a cervical cap for birth control. I said, don't they use spermicide or something with those? I thought the spermicide being held against the cervix for 6-8 hours, or however long you're supposed to leave the cap on would be more troublesome than medical grade silicone. Besides the fact that she wasn't citing research or anything, but just her observations.

As a previous poster [on IUD_Divas] said, I will be putting my cup aside for about 3 months to let my body get used to the IUD and maybe let the strings soften a bit, then I plan on going back to cup use.

Just thought you guys might like to hear that story. It's amazing what trained medical professionals will tell their patients. Was she trying to make me think I'm going to get cancer from my cup?!

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