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Why Mooncup UK is no longer sold in the USA.

I wrote to Mooncup UK asking if they could reveal why they no longer ship to the USA. They wrote me back and were very nice. I doubt I'll be getting over there any time soon -- although I don't really need a new cup, if I do travel to the UK I'll be buying a new one. Heh.

Dear Andi,

Thank you very much your email and please accept our apologies for the delay in responding. As you can imagine we have been inundated with emails like yours asking about sales to the US.

I’m afraid it is no longer possible to buy a Mooncup for delivery to a US address from our website or any of our distributor’s websites since the 31st January 2009. Sadly another menstrual cup company has trademarked our name Mooncup in the USA, which leaves us with no alternative than to cease all Mooncup sales to customers based there. We are obviously very disappointed about this but as an ethical company it is important to us to do the right thing and abide by the law. Please note this applies to the USA only and not to Canada or any other countries.

We are grateful for your positive feedback about the Mooncup and wanted to ask if you would be happy for us to post your comments on the testimonials section of our website. Please could you let me know?

I’m sorry that we are not able to help you to get a new Mooncup. If you are planning a trip over to this side of the pond at any stage, get in touch and we can provide you with the details of European stockists.

Kind regards
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