Obsidian (purple_obsidian) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady cup trial Vs full price

I got my trial ladycups yesterday, and I noticed the silicone in those is different to the full price cups they sent me last year...


We have the new trial Lilac, the older Lilac, the trial blue and the older (also small) blue....  So the trial ones are lighter in colour - more transparent  (less coloured if you like). 

The silicone in the trial cups is different too.. The trial ones are stiffer... quite a lot more so in the rim.... 

I don't know what the cups are normally like.... I love the purple in the full price one I have, but I am very disppointed in the lighter more transparent version.. I don't think it is as nice.

I wonder if the colour difference marks the faulty batch/es  - if the darker coloured ones are all going to be fine, but lighter coloured ones are from the faulty batch?  or if they just changed the composition (colour) since the batch my full price cups came from?  making them less coloured......Much like the pink cup - which is only slightly tinted....

So those of you who have a blue or lilac cup - what colour do you think yours is?  the darker or lighter?
Tags: coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, lady cup

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