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So this is my third cycle with my MCUK. I absolutely love it. I've had my problems though, it hasn't been perfect.
The first cycle was awesome, nothing went wrong at all after the first insertion. I trimmed the stem off halfway and it's been great. Insertion and removal took me a little time, but I practiced in the shower and was fine.
[Ironically now, I can't insert it in the shower. When I do, i can never get it to open, and it's always painful. So i remove it in the shower, but have to sit on the toilet to insert.]
The second cycle wasn't so perfect. I had a little more leaking, but I was also leaving it in longer because my schedule had changed [new semester.] But I just wore a pantiliner and i was fine. I was okay with that because I always wore pantiliners with tampons, but I still wished i wouldn't have to wear them. I also think I wasn't putting in it right, maybe I just had more luck on the first cycle. Beginner's luck.
This third cycle, I must've done something to myself, because I cannot wear the cup at all. the first day of my cycle, I had horrible cramps and was being rushed in the bathroom, so inevitably I didn't put it in right. So I just didn't wear it, because I was in pain and didn't want to deal with shoving it up there [I never wore tampons when I was cramping either]. But my vagina's been so sore [probably from the bout of intercourse the night before I started] and I haven't been able to put it in at all. It's now the fourth day of my period, and I've had to wear a pad all the time, because it hurts to put tampons in too.
I'm super bummed, because I've always hated wearing pads. I always feel wet and gross :( I haven't had a chance to get any cloth pads yet because I've had no money [and I don't know if that would eliminate the wet/diaper feeling anyway...].
I tried to put it in a couple times, but between the cup and my fingers, it just wasn't happening. And it wouldn't open no matter what. I was getting frustrated, so I gave up. I hope that I will be able to do better on my next cycle, because yoga this morning just wasn't fun with a pad on.
Anyway, I LOVE the Mooncup, and i would choose it anyday over pads and tampons, even if it does leak sometimes. Don't get me wrong. I'm just complaining haha to help take my mind off not being able to use it right now :(
Tags: mooncup (uk), teething troubles

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