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The LadyCup thing.

Lately I've seen lots of people talk about not recommending LadyCup or buying another cup instead, because of the recent splitting issues. The LadyCup people are aware of the splitting problem, but they have these defective batches and what are they to do with them? Maybe the idea of selling them as trials isn't the best one, because first time users may be turned off. But maybe owners of other cups who are less satisfied would enjoy the ability to try them and find out if they work better for them. It seems like those people who are buying the trials, even though they are told they wont last, still want to complain. I don't think this is fair.

I would just point out that the clear cups have always been safe. Buying a colored cup is only a vanity issue anyway, and if LadyCup is the best cup for you you can always buy a clear one. LadyCup was the first cup to venture into colors, and also the first cup to venture into non-pink colors. It did well with the PinkCup. I haven't heard of any PinkCups splitting, when they first came out OR now. Probably when they made the other color cups, they used the same formula as they did for the PinkCups, but perhaps the different colors reacted with the silicon differently.

The people whose cups split before the trial all seem to have received a very warm response from the company, and a replacement cup. This sounds like a company who cares.

I wouldn't advise anyone to buy a non pink color cup, especially Lilac or Green (these are the colors I always see people complaining about), but a pink cup and definitely a clear cup is fine.
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