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Question for size large LadyCup owners

So, I have a small LadyCup and a large Lunette Selene. I've been frustrated with the Lunette, and since I got it during leastore's guarantee, I'm thinking about exchanging it for a large LC.

I initially got the small LC, and while it's wonderful for my light days, I have 1-2 *really* heavy days where I was changing it constantly. So I definitely need a large, high-capacity cup of some sort. I figured I'd try the large Selene. However, it leaks when it gets about halfway full. I posted here and it was suggested that I should wear it higher so that my cervix is inside the cup, and then I could get a better seal. The problem is, when I try to insert it high (I use the origami fold so I can hold it at the bottom and really get it up there), it not only refuses to pop open, but nothing I do will get it to budge. "Stirring" with a finger, inserting it between the cup and vaginal wall and pressing, poking at the rim, nothing I do can get it open. I've tried every fold, still no help. It will only pop open if I let it sit really low.

Now, with my small LC, it doesn't always pop open, but it's a snap to get it open once it's in there. One stir with my finger and I can spin the cup with no problem.

My question is, is this merely because of the LC's small size, or is this a stiffness/squishiness issue? When you insert a large LC up high, can you get it to pop open more easily than a large Lunette? If so I think I am going to exchange my cup.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, lady cup, leakage & spotting, lunette, popping open
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