Chaos (xchaosbutterfly) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Has anyone ever used anything like this:

Basically, I'm looking for ways to give my cups a thorough cleaning between cycles. When in use, I only rinse them with very hot water. For the occasional stains or odors I found soaking in baking soda and salt mixed in water to work like a charm, but I'll only do that when stains or odors are an issue. For the rest of the time, I don't want to use soaps if I can help it (they're just irritating down there) and something like the above would work to clean them in a pinch, with little or no work or time spent on my part. Boiling just sounds too time consuming and labor intensive to me (plus I'm so absent minded, I can see myself leaving my cup boiling in the pot full of water, forgetting it, and coming back hours later to find a pot with molten cup residue in the bottom, but no water).

I like the thing pictured there because it's small, can be used only for cup steaming, and stored in the place I keep my cups and cloth pads when not in use. I think I'll go to Target's kitchen isle, and find the smallest microwavable tupperware or Pyrex container they have and try it out.
Tags: cleaning

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