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Travelling with the Cup

I'm planning on heading out to Portland for my spring break and staying in hostels. I've never been out there and am not sure what the bathroom situation is like in the hostels, so I think getting some disinfecting/cleaning wipes for my cup is a good idea. (I haven't yet been able to comfortable take out the cup in shower, only on the toilet.)

I saw them on the Lunette website (I have a Lunette and have been poking around there), but haven't actually seen them - or anything like them - sold online.

Do they not exist? Is there a better alternative? Should I just take a bottle of water into the bathroom stall with me all the time? (I'm also thinking that I might need to empty it on the plane - I'll be flying from the East coast probably with layovers, so even if I don't empty on the plane, I might need to empty in the airport bathroom. I have a long history of getting my period whenever I'm stuck in an airport.)

I looked in the "camping/backpacking tag" and saw that people have used biodegradable wet wipes. Is there something in particular that I should look for that wouldn't irritate me up there?
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