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Best cup for light flow?

I have a Diva and have been using it since August 2008 and on my heavy days it is great.  I empty and clean my Diva morning and night and it takes me all of 5 minutes.  I almost forget I have my period.  I do get some leakage from the Diva (but I always did with tampons too) but I just wear a pantiliner with it and all is good.

But after day 3 my flow just seems to trickle out of me and I find the Diva uncomfortable.  I am not sure if my cervix shifts or if it is a lubrication issue but I have been just taking it out and using my lunapads instead during that time.  The other issue I have had with it is that sometimes I can't pee with it in (no matter how hard I try) if it is sitting too low but if I stick it in quite high then it is ok. 

I have been reading the posts on here for the last 2 days and am thinking that I would like to buy another cup for the light days or a replacement one altogether perhaps.  I am kind of torn between the lunette and the ladycup.  I am 34 and have 3 kids and don't have the best pelvic floor muscles. 

I  notice that some people seem to have both sizes of their cups?  Would a size one just "fall out" of someone like myself cause the 11ml capacity of the smaller ladycup would be sufficient for every 12 hour empyting for me after day 3?

Which cup would you recommend for really light flow and why?? 
Thanks for your advice.
Tags: divacup, sizes/size issues, urination

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