tiptoe_mouse (tiptoe_mouse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My 2nd LilacCup to split!

I'm mad. Last month, I tried my newly delivered LilacCup, and after 24 hours use it split. LadyCup sent me a replacement very promptly without my having to return the old one.

My period started this morning, and I popped LilacCup2 in. I had to remove it a few times, as it wouldn't stay in for BMs, plus I was trying to readjust it as wanted to sit very low and kept poking me. Then as I was reinserting it this evening, I realised somehing didn't feel right, took it out and discovered a huge tear. That's less than 12 hours since I put it in. Again, not enough time to get the hang of it.

I don't know what to do now. Do I ask LadyCup for a differently coloured cup (maybe clear, or blue or pink?) to reduce my chances of getting a faulty one? Or do I ask for a refund from Leastore and try a different brand?

I'm annoyed that I hadn't even tried trimming the stem, so I have no idea if that would have solved the poking problem. So I don't even know if the large LadyCup will work for me, or if I need to look for a shorter cup (I do seem to have a low-hanging cervix). Aaaaagh! I'm so fed up!

Any advice? Or comforting words?
Tags: bowel movements, coloured lady cups, lady cup, stem length/trimming
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