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got my keeper, so painful!

Hi, I am new and i've been reading this site for the past week to decide if i wanted a keeper or not, and i got one, it came today! but i tried it... and it was soooo painful to put in, to have in (i could only stand it for about 40 seconds) and i almost started crying when i took it out then i sat there stunned for a few minutes because the pain kept going. i really want to use it, but i'm scared of it for now... any advice? I'm a virgin and i'm 14 so i think it was because i'm really small and not stretched out at all. but i could barely get it up there, i can barely get three fingers up there at all, let alone two with a huge cup! its so big! and when i folded it, it kept popping back to its normal position.. i need help!
Tags: age, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, keeper, virginity

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