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Adding more folds to my post-- suggestions?

Hey everyone!  *waves*  It's been awhile, I'm still menstruating though :P and still using my Keeper.  It's pretty uneventful these days, unlike the early days when I was still figuring things out.  Now my sister, cousins, and friends are all cup users-- I'm no longer the only one I know!  And they all got my folding technique demonstration live and in person!  Lucky them, they all took to using cups like ducks to water-- NONE of the problems I had starting out.

It's been three years since I made my post with all the cup folds I knew of at the time.  I've become aware that there are a few more folds in use these days.  For ease of access, I figured I would just update my old post with a few new pictures.  I'm still a dedicated Origami fold user, so I'd be much obliged if you could point me in the direction of the folds that are all the rage these days, or perhaps just the ones I've missed, and I'll add them!

I'm also aware that occasionally the pictures go down, I'm sorry about that (*cough* blame photobucket *cough*).  I don't have webspace, but if anyone wants to volunteer to host the pictures, they could be a little more stable.

Thanks for being here!  I might have a question or two coming up. :)

Tags: insertion - folding methods, keeper, links, success stories
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