bowlingpins (bowlingpins) wrote in menstrual_cups,

divacup alternatives?

I have a divacup B right now, and I am pretty happy with it after 1 very successful cycle. I don't really have any complaints but I am still curious about other brands of cups, but I'm not really sure where to start. maybe i need to know something about cervix position? or are there some questions I should be asking myself so I know which other cups I should also look at? Divacup seems just fine to me, but if there are better ones out there, I would want to give them a chance, too, without spending lots of $30 on random cups :)

actually now that I think about it, the only complaint is that it sometimes leaks tho I make sure to check that its popped open- maybe this has to do with cervix position? or maybe its something that'll resolve itself as i get more practice- I'm very sure that its popped open all the way though..
Tags: brand comparisons

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