Meghan (megamuphen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Vegan Keepers and Ladycup coupon codes

The question of whether or not Keepers are vegan came up in a recent post and I decided to try my hand at contacting the company. This post contains information from Gladrags stating that the cups WERE vegan, but other posts contain conflicting information or skepticism since the info was coming from a distributor instead of the company. I sent an email using the contact form on the Keeper website asking if casein was used in curing the latex, and this is the response I received: 

"Hi Meghan,

Thank you for contacting us and no ma'am.

Warm regards,
Operations Manager
The Keeper Store"

Not especially verbose, but I was excited to hear back (and on a weekend, no less!) considering the problems people around here have had with customer service with the company.

I also have a few Ladycup coupon codes for 15% off:


Tags: buying decisions, keeper, vegan/vegeterian

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