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I got it in!

So I bought the Diva in December and tried using it last month (which was a no-go, I couldn't get it in at all). Someone suggested to stretch myself using 2 fingers (which I did) and after a fair amount of time, lube, some interesting maneuvering, and a 7-fold, I managed to insert it all the way! It did hurt a little, and now I think I'm just hurting from cramps, which aren't too bad this cycle (maybe because of the cup!)

It's definitely more comfortable than tampons, where I would wince everytime I sat down because it made a quick, sharp pain. I still feel it though. It's probably because of the stem, which is digging into my right side, but I'm going to wait to trim it until after I remove it a few times.

I'm so excited! But I'm not sure if I got it to pop open correctly. I heard a sucking noise after I let go of the fold, but I have to wait and see if it leaks before I know for sure.

Thank you, everyone who has helped to teach me about the cup! :DDD
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