Chibi (tsukichibi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I always like my cup, but...

It's time like this when I realize how much I truly love it. I ended my cycle about four days ago (it was very light, and didn't last long), but I was sick during the month of January and missed my normal cycle time. So I guess maybe that, based on the fact that I was getting a lot of liquid* at some points, should have clued me into the fact that my next cycle was going to do a TADAI'MHERE sometime soon. Very soon. As in, I went to bed last night looking normal, and woke up this morning looking like a vampire's wet dream.

Arrgggh, it's so irritating to wake up and see blood all over your underwear! I wasn't expecting it so when I yanked my panties down, I got blood everywhere. They were pale pink and white so now I have to chuck them out (they're, seriously, not even worth trying to save). It's only through the misfortune of my having worn a nightgown last night that saved my sheets. And to top it all off, when I woke up, my brother was in the bathroom taking a shower - with both of my Lunettes inside. I had to stick a disposable pad on and wait for about twenty extremely uncomfortable minutes.

Finally, I was able to get in and clean myself up and insert my Lunette. Honestly, and I know this may sound a little melodramatic, but it's like a little piece of heaven offered to you on a blue, silicone tray. Every incident like this gives me brand new appreciation for being able to put a cup in and completely forget about something that was such an obvious problem just minutes before. It also tends to make me annoyed all over again that I didn't discover them years ago, like when I was in high school. Ah, well. Cups rule.

Tags: success stories

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